Limited company - the scope of our services

A limited company has a legal personality. The individuals who set it up are obliged to keep a full accounting and to prepare public annual Accounts . Establishing it requires entry in the Companies House. Of course, We can take care of it and complete all matters related to the registration of the company, on your behalf. It is worth noting that we also offer a number of services that will help the company function efficiently, no errors will appear in the accounting books, and all documentation will be prepared and delivered on time to the appropriate institutions.

We guarantee the highest quality of services combined with professional advice and competitive prices.

The main advantages of running a Limited Company are:


Self-employed individuals and partnerships pay income tax. However, companies pay corporation tax on their income. Limited companies have a much wider range of discounts and costs, which reduce the company's profit, and therefore, reduce the amount of tax paid. Because of this, one of the decisive factors when registering as a limited company, is the tax which is saved.

Most financial advisors will advise you to register as a Limited Company when the turnover equals around £50,000 or the net profit equals £15,000. This is the level of income that saves tax, as opposed to other forms of leading a business.


A Limited Company can be opened within 24 hours. There are no restrictions regarding the share capital, and only one shareholder is needed to register, who may also act as a director. There are no restrictions on the nationality and age of shareholders. The company must have an address in Great Britain.

Separate Legal Personality

A company with limited liability has a legal entity which is independent of the management and company members – shareholders.

Limited Liability

The protection obtained through limited liability is probably the most important advantage of leading a Limited Company. Members (shareholders) of the company are only liable up to the amount of their contribution (capital). In the event of financial problems within the company, the only loss the shareholders suffer from is the amount paid for shares and loans they have granted to their company. Personal property is not subject to any risk.

However, this protection is not valid in the event of fraud. Managers of a company have a legal obligation not to commit if they have any reason to believe that the company may have problems with their repayment. If creditors lose money because of fraud, then the director's liability is no longer limited.


LTD has an international reputation, this business form is recognised all over the world. A company that is on the register gains credibility, and at the same time, clients are confident that they are cooperating with a reliable entrepreneur.

Having previously experienced numerous delays in the completion of my accounts and submission to the relevant authorities by previous accountants, I have to say how much of a refreshing change it has been to have everything dealt with on time By ABS-Service Ltd.

Jaroslaw Zeglen Director

I dreaded each quarter as it came around until I met with the team at ABS-Service Ltd. For the last couple of years all I have had to do is present my paperwork by an agreed date and everything is taken care of. We then had a further chat and I have been able to reduce my VAT bill by over 50%.

Merry Beacham Marketing Manager

We've been dealing with ABS-Service Ltd for 3 years now and have always found their industry knowledge, expert advice and professional service provided by the 'Team' at ABS-Service Ltd a great resource for our company.

Sharon Laxtton Support Staff