Use of Our Office as the Limited Company's Address

For clients who often change their address or simply do not have the time to deal with incoming correspondences from the Companies House, Corporation Tax Office and other offices, we offer the Registered Office Address service, i.e. lending our address as your company's address.

Thanks to this solution, you save time and raise the company's prestige by avoiding constant changes of address, which may arouse suspicion among potential contractors.

About 30% of our customers decide to use this service. The biggest advantages are:

Official documents are sent directly to the accountant
The accountant is responsible for keeping within the deadlines for settlements, tax declarations, etc.
Avoiding stress every time you see a letter from the Tax Office
Saving time from dealing with each, not always important, letter
No need to inform offices about change of address
Having an address in the UK, even if you live outside UK

Having previously experienced numerous delays in the completion of my accounts and submission to the relevant authorities by previous accountants, I have to say how much of a refreshing change it has been to have everything dealt with on time By ABS-Service Ltd.

Jaroslaw Zeglen Director

I dreaded each quarter as it came around until I met with the team at ABS-Service Ltd. For the last couple of years all I have had to do is present my paperwork by an agreed date and everything is taken care of. We then had a further chat and I have been able to reduce my VAT bill by over 50%.

Merry Beacham Marketing Manager

We've been dealing with ABS-Service Ltd for 3 years now and have always found their industry knowledge, expert advice and professional service provided by the 'Team' at ABS-Service Ltd a great resource for our company.

Sharon Laxtton Support Staff